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Pili Nuts

Pili Nuts (canarium ovatum)one of Philippines’ most valuable export commodity. Pili Nut trees are primarily grown in the Bicol region, southern part of Luzon islands. They are mostly grown wildly in the forests or backyards, but farmers in Bicol have already learned to commercially grow them in farms. Other nearby provinces or islands such as Tablas are beginning to have their own pili nut farms as well.

Pili Nuts

Pili Nut Kernels

Pili nuts are under rated in comparison to other more popular nuts. Though it can be at par with the other popular nuts like cashew, almond, brazil and macadamia in terms of texture, taste, and extracted micro-nutrient yield. Unknown to many is its delicious taste and great health benefits. Also amazing about the pili nut tree is its productivity – not only limited to the kernel fruit. Nothing goes to waste, from the shell, kernel, pulp and bark. It has been known as source of  food, handicrafts, oil for skin care, fuel, and many more…


Pili Nuts – Unknown to many is its delicious taste and great health benefits.

Philippines is known to be a major producer & supplier of pili nuts in the world. In 1970, Plant Industry Digest said, even before World War II, Philippines was already exporting pili nuts to Hawaii, Germany, France, Great Britain, and Japan.

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Philagrivest- The Pili Nut FarmThe Pili Nut Farm is the only integrated and self-sustainable pili nut plantation in the Philippines. Its development is in line with the growth pattern set by the provincial government to emphasize high value, low density, sustainable eco-tourism projects.

Investment opportunities, are severely limited in the Philippines, since foreigners cannot own land. In considering Philippine investment, Philagrivest therefore represents the ideal organic pili nut investment opportunity. The organic pili nut industry is strongly supported by the Philippines government, and it is particularly targeting foreigners to invest in the Philippines.