Pili Nut Buyers


The pili nut export market is comprised primarily of small processers who purchase their raw materials (pili nuts in the shell) from traders or small farmers who harvest nuts from trees growing in the wild.  Other than the large commercial plantation of Philagrivest (www.philagrivest.com), there is no company which is self sustainable – operating a processing plant, backed up by a steady supply of raw nuts from it own trees.  This permits Philagrivest to operate a processing plant, knowing it has a continuous supply of raw nuts, and confidently provide a steady supply of processed nuts to pili nut buyers.

Processing Plant

While awaiting it first annual commercial volume harvest in 2015 at its Tablas Island plantation, Philagrivest is currently processing nuts in the Bicol Region at a plant with a current monthly capacity of 5 metric tons of processed nuts.  Expansion plans for late 2014 will raise this to 10 metric tons.

Bicol Processing Plant

The Bicol plant processes and exports varying sizes of processed nuts – from 30 gr and 50 gr “snack packs” to 150 gr or larger “family packs”, to commercial quantity 1.5 kilogram pouches in standard flavors of natural, honey roasted, or garlic/sea salted.  Custom packs are designed to meet customer needs.

For More Buying Information

For detailed specifications as to the products currently being exported, and information as to how to arrange for the purchase of pili nuts from Philagrivest, feel free to contact us HERE(click this to contact us).

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